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About Opus Eventi

Specializing in producing and managing events from every angle of the entertainment industry, Opus Eventi has catered its esteemed services to English, Hispanic, and French markets from every corner of the globe. Focusing on the production, management, and coordination of large-scale (VIP) events in the world of visual and performing arts, Opus Eventi’s team has coordinated fine art exhibitions, art trade shows, concerts, and music festivals of all genres. Continuing to manage events in over 30 countries, including Monaco, France, the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Ireland, we pride ourselves on maintaining an international appeal.

Providing services drawn up to your specifications, your preferences and visions are the most valuable elements in our creation and organization of your custom event. A dynamic, fully-rounded event production, promotion, and management company, Opus Eventi is well-versed in marketing strategies that are designed to have your event or idea recognized by the top of the entertainment industry.

Since 2005, our company’s new direction has aimed to both manage and coach individuals and companies in image development as well as in new technology project development specifically for projects in the entertainment industry.

Giving life to your event’s blueprints, our detail-oriented team is dedicated to the creation of world-class events that will leave a lasting impression on yourself and your audience. Opus Eventi strives for the unforgettable, as we believe that our clients deserve only the best and most sophisticated of services. We help you mold your event into something that is not just an event it’s an extension of yourself, an experience for your audience, and a memory for those lucky enough to have been there.